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Welcome to the pornography world! This site was created for the entire gay community to provide diversity. Well, you'll find here a lot of selected videos with actors who can satisfy your curiosity about... porn! It's all about porn! But first, let's talk about some porn... Pornography has erotic situations or sex scenes from very ancient origins and now it is a modern phenomenon. It is necessary to extend the meaning of pornography and include any kind of explicit representation of sexual acts, nudity, and so on; bearing in mind, however, that, apart from some cases, it is not always conceivable that this representation had the purpose of causing excitement in the observer. For a long time, pornography became the target of academic research which ended in the nineties, when articles and images concerning homosexuality, penetration, group sex, and sexual fetishism were not included. The great availability of the public makes the internet a very used tool for the distribution and use of pornographic materials. In fact, pornography has become immediately and anonymously available everywhere and for anyone. Thanks to the Internet, what some producers define as a newborn is increasingly affirming, while the flash game for adults, or electronic games, is spreading, whose situations (although varying from reality to fantasy) maintain a pornographic character. Thanks to the dissemination of paid and unpaid shows, through webcam transmission (very widespread all over the web), it is possible to attend porn shows and communicate via chat with those who are performing in the porn industry.